Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Birds in Cheshire and Wirral

Cheshire and Wirral provides a wide range of habitats for birds, from the internationally important estuaries of the Dee and Mersey in the west to the high moors of the Peak District National Park in the east. Building on the work of the county’s first breeding bird Atlas of 1978–84, more than 350 volunteers spent over 50,000 hours during 2004 to 2007 surveying every 2×2 km tetrad in Cheshire and Wirral, recording every bird species in the breeding season and in winter. This new Atlas therefore not only updates the findings for breeding birds, but also for the first time provides a similar degree of detail for the county’s wintering species.

Lavishly illustrated with 300 pictures by local photographers and artists, this colour Atlas provides full accounts of 186 species, with briefer treatments for a further 31. More than 500 maps show the birds’ distribution in the two seasons as well as the difference between seasons, and reveal often dramatic changes from the previous Atlas of 1992. For the first time at county level, this Atlas also includes figures for the breeding populations of 65 of the most numerous species, 35 of which also feature abundance maps.

Published Oct 2008. Pre-publication offer £30 (+£5 P&P); thereafter £45.00.


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