Thursday, September 04, 2008

CCD and honey mummy.

Another newspaper article the other day hinted at a lack of locally produced honey in our shops this winter – there’s just not a lot of it around! The report caused me to back track a couple of days to another item I’d read for a re-read. David Ashton, a 67-year-old beekeeper in Cumbria, had been quoted that ‘he was the last’. The last generation in his family to tend bees and, why?, not because he was ready to retire but that his bee colonies were dying out.
In America they have something called CCD – colony collapse disorder – where suddenly a colony will up and leave, and then die, for no apparent reason. In Britain we appear to be experiencing a chronic form of the same disorder – a colony dies out over a couple of years. The reasons for this have been cited as: lack of suitable pollen (bees then have to travel further), insecticides, or mites – a virus carried by the varroa mite spreads through bee colonies killing them. Whichever, the end result is the same.
Mr Ashton expounds that we are next – bees (and butterflies) are great pollinators – without pollination we will have no fruit or vegetables and, if we don’t act soon enough things will get much worse before they get better.
In a Garden Birdwatch magazine last year I was amazed to discover that there are only about nine different sorts of bees in this country – and six cuckoo bees (parasitic bees). I decided then I would record all my sightings of bees in a small attempt to help monitor the decline of these very important little beasties.


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Dear Bob, am unable to send the whole of my reply as a reply to your blog, but here is a little piece more of my letter to BBC Radio Merseysides Spencer Leigh. By the way Spencer! I had written about the Lord Mayor's Parade at Gaumont Cinema Allerton, in case you think you have read it some were and cannot remember about 10 years ago when I wrote the piece ‘ Vanished World of a Woolton childhood with John Lennon’ for my daughter Karen & Helen, which has been on Beatles Ireland web site for quite a few years, and as John and I are now well over 60 years I put it on ‘ age Concern’ web site this year 2006. But I had not seen the photo of the Lord Mayor's Parade at Gaumont Cinema Allerton, until this morning Sunday 5th March 2006 when looking though my Mums papers she gave me at the sama time as the ‘ Yellow Fish ‘ drawing about 10 years ago when she visited us in Denmark in 1995. As you probable know I had also mentioned the whales stranding at Oglet or Hale in ‘ Vanished World of a Woolton childhood with John Lennon’ but as you know I did not discover ‘ Yellow Fish ‘ until November 2005 when sorting through the same papers. I am now going to take my time looking through them before I throw any thing out. I will copy below the piece on the whales stranding David.

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