Monday, September 15, 2008

Crofters blame eagles for rise in lamb losses

The crofters and part-time farmers on the Gairloch peninsula - referring to Sea-eagles as "flying barn doors" - have called a public meeting at the end of the month to debate how to deal with ever mounting losses of lambs; they say that over 200 lambs have been taken this year by eagles.
For those of you who attended the BTO Conference last year we'll remember that this is not the case. Yes, you may get a rogue pair that take lambs, but their off-spring do not then assume the same characteristics; and neither do eagles nesting near by. Furthermore, it is difficult to conclusively prove that the (rogue) eagle actually took a living, rather than a dead (or dying) individual.
This is not to say the farmers and crofters are wrong it is just that, with everything, not all eagles should be blamed for the activities of a few.


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