Tuesday, December 30, 2008

...and what did Santa bring you?

Santa brought me three things of note.
1. An ISP connection to broadband - hurray, my right hand has been restored.
2. A copy of BWPi (which I had to purchase myself as no one else understands me enough to know what I want - apparently).
3. A weblink to: xeno-canto europe.

The first two are self explanatory (I trust), the last not so. Xeno-canto.org is a series of webpages devoted to the uploading and sharing of birdsong. To date there are pages covering asia and africa and now, importantly, europe. The europe webpage has, as of today, at least one recording of 503 of europes' 811 species (62%). Many species have more than one recording and some even have 'background' recordings as well. It's a wealth of information for all birders and, unlike BWPi, it's free. Furthermore it also has links to Flickr images of the bird in question (if there was any doubt at identifying what you were listening too).
Link it today and get listening: http://www.xeno-canto.org/europe/index.php


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