Monday, March 23, 2009

Eric Simms, DFC, 1921-2009

Naturalist, ornithologist, author and conservationist.
I first came across Simm's work via his sound recordings, and it wasn't long before I was sufficiently interested in his life to get hold of a copy of his 'small' autobiography 'Birds of the Air'. Since then he has always been one of those individuals I have admired.
Via a subscription to a book club in my youth I aquired British Thrushes (New Naturalist), and received a copy of Woodland Birds (New Naturalist) as a school prize for a Sixth Form project on oak trees. Much, much, later I managed to win a copy of British Warblers (New Naturalist) via eBay - although British Larks, Pipits and Wagtails (New Naturalist) still evades me. Are you following? Simm's has been the most prolific author of texts for New Naturalist which, given their high standards, speaks volumes for the man.
Other texts I have of Eric's are The Public Life of the Street Pigeon, Birds of Town and Suburb, Bird Migrants and the Natural History of Birds, and have two copies of Birds of Town and Village.
He made quite an impression on me - he'll be missed.


Picture taken from The Times article.


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