Thursday, March 12, 2009

If it's not Atlas it's BBS (and WBBS)

Irrespective of Atlas demands work must continue as usual, and now is the time I send out all of the necessary paperwork to fieldworkers who undertake the annual task of Breeding Bird Survey work (as well as other annual surveys). Many fieldworkers are year-on-year regulars which, heart-felt thanks, makes my work considerably easier.

Within Merseyside there are 42 BBS plots and two WBBS. So far 22 BBS plots and both WBBS plots have been taken by volunteers, meaning that there are some still unallocated. Of these six are considered uncoverable - either because the random selection process has put them 'at sea' or they are currently places volunteers have no wish to go to in the early mornings!!

Once I have allocated all plots to existing and newly presenting volunteers I will post the remainder here, in the hope that you may like to adopt one.

The Heronries census, all colonies to the north of Liverpool, is usually undertaken by ringers and WeBS counts, usually but not always undertaken at coastal sites, has its own network of volunteers.


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