Friday, April 17, 2009


I bet most birdwatcher could count the number of owls they see each year on one hand, and maybe only on two fingers for the number of species. For most, Barn Owl is probably the most visualised species (hopefully not dead at the side of the road) followed either by Tawny Owl or Little Owl. They just don't seem to be birds we come across duing our general birding - even if we are up before dawn!
So, as we enter another period of recording for the National Atlas we are all being asked to spare a thought for owls. As we plan our visits to sites, and the routes we will take, we are also being asked to look at the clock i.e. make time to stay on site to either see or hear whatever owls may be about. Generally owls are not covered well during surveys unless specifically targeted, so it is important to encourage all volunteers to spare a moment for the owls and to try and add their 'spot' to the national map of their distribution.


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