Wednesday, April 08, 2009

UK Biodiverstity Traffic Lights

The most recent set of the eighteen biodiversity indicators have recently been published. The indicators include the population status of: key species; plant diversity; the status of priority species, habitats and ecosystems; genetic diversity of rare breeds of sheep and cattle; protected sites; management of woodland agricultural land and fisheries; impacts of air pollution and invasive species; expenditure on biodiversity; and the amount of time given by volunteers to nature conservation activities.
Of the 33 components measured 11 show long-term deterioration and only 9 long-term improvement.
Using an introduced traffic light system Breeding Farmland Birds, Breeding Woodland Birds and Breeding water and wetland birds are all red (deteriorating) over the period 1970-2007, while breeding seabirds and wintering waterbirds are green (improving) - for the same period for breeding, but the shortened period of 1975-2007 for wintering birds.
However, if one considers the change since the year 2000, breeding farmland birds, seabirds and wintering waterbirds are all red, with breeding woodland, water and wetland birds moving to amber (little or no overall change).
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