Monday, May 04, 2009

...the Mistle Thrush.

Found this nest quite by accident. Where I can, I scan nest boxes with binoculars in order to see if there is any activity before approaching the box. I was looking at a box about 30 yards away when something didn't appear quite right. About 25feet above the box was an unusual white patch. On examining further it was a Mistle Thrush, frozen, looking at me looking at it!

My route took me away from this box initially but, when I did get there in order to check the box below, the Mistle Thrush was 'away'.

A quick off-loading of kit and a climb up the tree revealed the nest - five young, big by usual passerine standards, but blind and downy by thrush criteria. A quick photo and exit should, hopefully, find me ringing the pulli next weekend.


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