Thursday, May 07, 2009

World Migration Day and 100 years of ringing

On the 8th May we celebrate 100 years of bird ringing in the UK. On the 9-10th May we celebrate World Migratory Bird Day. Over the next few weeks an estimated 16 million birds will arrive in the UK, after spending the winter as far away as South Africa. Bird watchers in general, twitchers in particular, and ringers (as usual) will be out and about watching, recording and, in the case of the latter group, catching, measuring and ringing, as many birds as they can.
Our love of birds is a two edged sword. On the one hand we have the desire, knowledge and know-how to identify species by sight and sound and to revel in our ability to do so. On the other our recording and survey work reveals the slightest dip (and increase) in any species, often indicating a habitat, and world, in turmoil.
We think we know a lot but, the more you know the quicker you realise how little you really know. It is important to keep recording, surveying, watching and ringing to help others, more knowledgeable than ourselves, detail what is going wrong with the world so we can attempt, if we wish, to put it back into a more harmonious balance.



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