Monday, August 10, 2009

Raptor persecution

I offer this with no comment whatsoever. I bring it to your attention simply because it names the Forest of Bowland and thought you may /might be interested.

It is lifted in totality from a posting to Surfbirds.


Once again, Forest of Bowland Hen Harriers have been mercifulessly destroyed by gamekeepers this summer, one of the last remaining strongholds of the species in Britain. Round-the-clock wardening had been ongoing on this pair but as soon as it was lifted after the young had fledged the nest, the entire family was destroyed. A similar fate beheld breeding European Eagle Owls - Cumbria and Lancashire being the stronghold of this recently colonising species. Five Northern Goshawk nests have also been targetted this summer - the nests being destroyed and the contents removed.

This compares in stark contrast to the continuing success of breeding Montagu's Harriers in Southern England, where a minimum 59 young have fledged this summer. Caring farmers have gone to great lengths when harvesting the cornfields and have given the harrier nests a wide berth, leaving the marked areas not harvested. Some individual nests have successfully fledged five juveniles.


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