Friday, October 02, 2009

magpie, crow and rook and now....

Open season has been declared on ring-necked parakeets — the vibrant green squawking birds seen across parts of southern England. The parakeets are considered by government nature advisers as great a pest as the grey squirrel, and from January 1 anyone troubled by the birds has permission to kill them with a shotgun or rifle, or trap them in a cage or net. Their eggs and nests may also be destroyed.


To date you can do the same with magpie, crow and rook - so what about Canada Geese?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's not strictly true.

Under the terms of the general licence, you must be able to prove that the individual birds you are targetting are (a) causing you a problem as listed in the act (public health, economic etc) and (b) you have tried ALL reasonable non-lethal methods of control.

So if you have a birdfeeder, you cannot kill them as you are not taking reasonable measures to disuade them. If you have an apple tree you must try netting and scaring first.

This law is never enforced though - or else virtually all trapping and shooting of corvids (and shooting of pigeons for sale) would be prevented. It is, technically, illegal if there is no direct justification.

This was clarified in a test case several years ago, in which a man was prosecuted for shooting starlings (then on the general licence) which he had deliberately attracted with food.

You cannot kill a bird, even a crow or pigeon, simply because you do not like them or they are a general nuisance.

2:18 PM  
Blogger drbob said...

This comment adds some important information - which was addressed in the full Times publication. You cannot kill these birds just because you dont like them - you must prove they are a nuisance to you and that you have tried everything else to rid yourself of them. Shooting /killing is a last resort.

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