Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The second half.

1.7 million Roving Records, 1.9 million records from BirdTrack, 104,000 timed counts in tetrads - this is the totals for bird records returned in the first two years of the BTO Atlas. Now, as we enter year three, we are looking to fill the gaps and increase that ever important list of species richness and confirmed evidence of breeding.
The image shows the'official' map for the Breeding Season in Merseyside, however, this is a little behind on reality due to issues with data uploading and receipt of observations. The overall picture though is representative. A black square indicates complete, a yellow square is missing a late season visit and no coloured square at all means that data is still required (or has yet to be uploaded).
So, if you feel moved to contribute for the first time, or want to do more, then please contact me. Areas around St Helens are of immediate priority followed by areas south of Ormskirk and Southport respectively.
Now we just need the weather to improve so we can complete winter visits and then look forward to a better spring and summer.


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