Monday, December 07, 2009

Twite Twite

The England Twite Recovery project, a partnership between Natural England and the RSPB - with funding from the Environmental Stewardship Scheme, is permitting Pennine farmers to assist in the recovery of this species which, last reported 2008, indicated only 100 breeding pairs from 15 colonies in England. Currently 17 farmers are involved, modifying their land to create upland hay-meadows and pastures in support of Twite. (See:

In Lancashire just over 100 twite survive - in a little colony near Worsthorne and a flock which visits Whitworth Quarry. Around Burnley the 'Watershed Landscape project' aims to raise £3M in order to reclaim peatland in the hills around Hurstwood (between Burnley and Rossendale) to assist in a Twite recovery. Although not without controversy (see:

Tim Melling, the RSPB Conservation Officer said of twite "They are a funny little bird." But someone loves them - see:

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