Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nocturnal visits

Steve White has just sent me some preliminary regional Atlas results for Tawny Owl (see picture). The red dots indicate where we have confirmed recent presence for Tawny Owl - from either breeding or winter data - while the khaki dots indicate records we had from the previous local Atlas in 1997-2000.
Question: Have Tawny Owls really decreased this dramatically over the last 10 years, or is it because we are all afraid of the dark?!
We would like to think it is the latter so, the request is, please try and get out at night in order to collect more data on all nocturnal species - especially owls but also woodcock and, if really lucky, nightjar.
Please do not assume that your observation has already been recorded by someone else. Send everything in - we would rather had masses of (duplicate) data rather than none at all.


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