Friday, September 17, 2010

Garden Bird Feeding Survey

The Garden Bird Feeding Survey, at 250 geographically selected gardens, has now been running since 1970. During that time it has plotted many changes in bird feeding activity so now, at 40 years of age, it seemed prudent to have a fresh look at the data collected.
Surprisingly, the number of feeding BlueTits in winter has dropped from 5.3 (average count per garden per week) to 3.1 This doesn't necessarily on its own indicate that Blue Tit numbers are dropping, just that they are not feeding in gardens. However, other surveys do show that numbers are decreasing so the number of birds feeding in gardens actually supports this trend.

GBFS data, by the same token, also supports the precipitous decline in Starlings and Song Thrush (down 75%) and House Sparrow (down 70%). On the other hand it also indicates good news - Goldfinch up 25 fold, Long-tailed Tit tenfold and Great Spotted Woodpecker fourfold.


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