Friday, July 15, 2011 I am as happy as happy can be....

One small step to a very uncertain future. The Spoon-billed sandpiper eggs collected from Chukotka in order to try and save this enigmatic little wader from extinction have......hatched. Seventeen chicks have so far hatched from 20 eggs, with the remaining three hopefully hatching any day now. Fingers crossed things still progress as well as they have started. See:

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A Field Guide to Monitoring Nests

The BTO is delighted to announce the publication of the definitive guide to finding and studying the nests of British birds.

This new book has been produced as an aid to those involved in monitoring nests for research and conservation purposes. Written and illustrated by experts, the guide contains a wealth of information for 146 British and Irish species, together with introductory sections on fieldcraft, legislation, the BTO Nest Record Scheme and the importance of nest monitoring. Available from BTO Sales (

The well-illustrated text, coupled with key information on breeding ecology derived from BTO datasets, delivers an impressive amount of information on 146 British and Irish breeding species. The material has been selected to support those involved in nest recording, as well as those wishing to develop their skills in this area. Introductory sections cover general techniques for finding nests, good practice guidelines and review the current legislation surrounding visits to the nests of wild birds.

James Ferguson-Lees and Richard Castell are two of Britain’s leading experts in the field of monitoring nests, having seen and studied the nests of all 146 species covered by this book.

Their wealth of field experience delivers a level of information beyond that seen in other publications on this subject. Dr Dave Leech is a Senior Research Ecologist at the BTO, and also an experienced nest recorder. His analysis of BTO nest record datasets has delivered much of the supporting information presented in this book