Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Global warming affecting waterfowl migration?

A recent study by Aleksi Lehikoinen from the University of Helsinki - examining three decades' worth of data from the Hanko Bird Observatory in southern Finland - has found that of the 15 species of wildfowl monitored six were setting off significantly later for their winter migration compared to thirty years e.g. greylag goose and tufted duck. They suggest that this is the rate of respond by waterfowl to global warming.

Dr Geoff Hilton, head of species research for the WWT said: "In this country, we're at the end of the flyway for birds coming down from Scandinavia, Russia and Siberia.We're almost the last stop, so some species aren't coming at all. They'll just stay further up the flyway." An example of this is that the number of White-fronted geese reaching us in winter is 75% lower than it was ten years ago.
The full article in the Journal of Ornithology is at:
which you should be able to access as it is free during the month of December.


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