Sunday, November 18, 2012

Winter Thrushes

The latest BTO survey is a two-year project to investigate the numbers and use of the landscape by our resident and winter thrushes. It's a simple survey as identification only requires song thrush, mistle thrush, blackbird, redwing, fieldfare and, as options, starling and waxwing. A BTO You-tube exists at: to help if required.
In its briefest form it consists of only one visit - between 27th Dec and 10th Jan - with additional visits either side of this possible if required. There is a fairly simple(ish) on-line element for data entry that is linked to a mapping tool so you can actually map all of your sightings as part of your return. See:
Although individuals can pick their own area for coverage there are some core, randomly selected squares that require coverage. These are: SD3712, SD3313, SD3908, SD3902, SD3819, SD3005, SD4300, SD3905, SD400 and SJ4888, SJ4796, SJ4992, SJ4995, SJ4995, SJ4586, SJ4381.
Coverage of these squares in preference to others would be appreciated. You can register on line but any difficulties get back to me.


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